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20 November 2018


Firstly, many thanks to the guys at SO-NOW.COM for allowing us to move into these empty pages.

If we expand we may need to move into some of the bigger empty pages next door.

Any future expansion will be motivated by any interest shown in our projects.

Please visit our Youtube videos, Like, Subscribe, Comment. It gives us much needed feedback. We can then deterrmine whether or not it is worthwhile continuing to publish our findings.

It takes many, many hours of reasearch, development, documentation, publishing, components and 3D filament to produce these pages.

Please donate if you can. However small, all donations go to 3D filament, tools and components.

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We are currently testing our WIFI land-based ROV, which we made for less than £30. It can be easily modified for surface water use. More on this after the radar project is fully published.

On these pages, we will show you how we design, build, program and test advanced and innovative robots, ROVs and related devices on a REAL budget.

stepper controlled rotating omnidirectional turnable universal mount

Several of our projects, RotorCam, the So-Now Sonar, the Infrared Tag Cannon, et al, are based upon our stepper motor controlled rotating platform, so it seems sensible to describe that early on.

The 'Stepper Controlled Rotating Omnidirectional Turntable Universal Mount', or 'SCROTUM' for short, allows a platform to swivel through 360 degrees, continuously, while maintaining wired connections between the top and bottom parts.

To examine our SCROTUM in detail, please tickle the following link....


Advanced robot sonar

Sorry to the guys who came here from Youtube and elsewhere.

The Robot Radar video was posted before we finished these pages. We are working on them now.

If you don't find what you came looking for, come back soon.